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Save your time and money for transportation. Let us come to you with a portable annealing unit.

Local heat treatment at the customer’s site

We will take care of heat treatment of metals wherever you choose thanks to our portable annealing units by Heatmasters and a professional HTT 40 unit of our own production. We are also able to build a temporary electric modular furnace.
The construction of large units in power plants, CHP plants, ironworks and other operations requires heat treatment of large parts that cannot be transported.
Our highly-experienced team will find the most suitable heat treatment technology for your needs. Most of our operators are certified according to EWF 628-r1-10 (Heat Treatment of Welded Joints), which is the highest achievable heat treatment education. At present, our team of 27 operators and 61 heat treatment units, each having six channels and 40kW output, are available for your needs.
You can choose from two types of local annealing and heat treatment of piping systems depending on the dimensions of the parts:

Portable Annealing Unit
The use of HTT40 and Heatmasters portable units is suitable for annealing of small-size welds or large parts. Up to 10 annealing units can be connected to one single heat treatment process. Thanks to modern control systems, we are able to achieve optimal results for all heat treatment processes.
Our technicians will be happy to assist you to find the right technological solution.

Modular Annealing Furnace
Where portable units do not suffice for the performance of annealing, we have a solution; The part is placed into a temporary modular electrical annealing furnace built by our team on-site. This method enables us to process not only small parts but also large-size parts, and there is no need for complicated and cost-ineffective handling and transport to the site with stationary furnaces.

Are you not sure whether to use a portable annealing unit or modular annealing furnace?
Contact us and we will propose the right solution to fit your needs.

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