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High-tech equipment for heat treatment


We offer you a wide range of machines and equipment for heat treatment. As a representative of Heatmasters, we develop our own annealing furnaces and portable annealing machines.

All our products use modern IT and GSM technologies for the control and management of heat treatment processes and are designed to achieve maximum efficiency, accuracy and quality.

Choose from our range of sophisticated engineered products:

Portable machines
for heat treatment

Portable machines for heat treatment

Need portable annealing equipment that is easy to move and transport? We offer you a few options:

– HTT 40, annealing equipment from our workshop

– IS POWER X2, a small portable equipment

– Heatmasters, annealing equipment developed in Finland

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Annealing furnaces

Annealing furnaces

Considering the purchase of a new annealing furnace? You will need professional equipment.

We can build stationary and modular annealing furnaces for you site.

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Control system

Control system IceStar
Unable to be at the workplace at all times? Monitor and control heat treatment processes remotely using a mobile phone.
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