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We give metal products the final shape

Other metal processing services

The improvement of properties of metals by heat treatment is followed by surface finish. We measure hardness, perform blasting, varnishing, coating. A ready-made semi-finished product is delivered to you ready for further use. After a metal part goes through an annealing furnace and acquires the required properties and structure, it is a great start for a yet long journey to the final product. To make this process easier for you, we offer additional services closely related to heat treatment:

Unsure about the right mechanical and chemical properties of metal parts? Do they need to go through an annealing surface, or would surface treatment be enough? Should you invest in your own annealing unit, or is it more profitable to bring a metal part to one of our production plants?
Heat treatment of metals is a complex field. If you need professional advice, we are here to help.

Staff training for the EWF-628r1-10 course (Heat Treatment of Welded Joints) at three levels (B – Basic, S – Standard, C – Comprehensive).
Training for operators of HTT40 annealing units including IS Port software training, Heatmasters with HM20 software and other.

We perform calibration of HTT40 and Heatmasters units by internal offset setup. This means that not only we measure the deviations from the ideal temperature, but also calibrate the control modul itself to make sure that the deviations are kept at minimum. Calibration certificate is issued as part of the service. Calibration can be performed at our Plzen plant or at the customer’s site.

Hardness Testing
Hardness of metals is one of the most important mechanical properties of material and is essential for the functionality of future products.
Let us perform harness testing of any metal parts to make sure that their quality is up to standard and deliver the perfect product to your customers.

Surface Treatment
Preserve the beauty of raw metal by improving its durability, life span and aesthetics. We offer the following surface treatment methods:
– Blasting
– Priming
– Varnishing

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