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Our ample capacities allow us to handle projects with a large number of welds. As a member of the Euro Heating Group we take part in projects in the Czech Republic and across Europe. We have many years of experience in the heat treatment of pipelines in power plants, chemical plants, repairs of metallurgical castings, etc.

Key clients:







Major projects:

OPOLE (PL), power plant (2016-2017), 1200 welds                                              KOZIENICE (PL), power plant (2015-2016), 6200 welds



ŠOSTANJ (SLO), power plant (2013-2014), 6419 welds                                       MANNHEIM (D), power plant (2013-2014), 720 welds



LEDVICE (CZ), power plant (2011-2014), 4725 welds                                           MOORBURG (D), power plant (2011-2012), 343 welds



NEURATH (D), power plant (2010-2011), 1649 welds